Mechanical & Electrical Division

Speedy diagnosis of the problem related to the automobile is done and effective measures to solve the same are taken. Speed Track Garage LLC has its specially designed mechanical and electrical tools, instruments and systems such as different categories of car lifting jacks, self sustainable spare parts store, Chassis straightening machine etc.

Manufacturer’s Maintenance:
Every vehicle has a fixed schedule of service and maintenance laid down by the manufacturer. As your vehicle comes in for service, we track and follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule to ensure all your services are completed at the right service intervals.

Today’s vehicles are sophisticated, highly computerized machines. We are equipped with the latest and fully updated diagnostic tools to repair your vehicle. These tools and skills enable us to find the right fix, the first time, and on time.

Lube Services:
The heart of any vehicles maintenance program is the lube oil and filter service. Our packages include Castrol engine oil and genuine oil filters from the manufacturer of your vehicle.