Speed Track Garage Services Overview

A Garage with all facilities.
7000 Sq. ft. with two storey building.
A Paint Booth, Three Clear floor 2 post lifts.
Collision Repair Systems: Our Collision repair system design.

One Chassis measurement machine.
One Touch screen computer diagnosis machine.
Tools trolleys and all kind of necessary tools for our mechanics
Adapts to different vehicle models makes it an ideal tool for body repair.


Speed Track Garage LLC stand out from other competitors in the market with our best quality service at reasonable rate in the market as well as greatest customer satisfaction.

A Must In The Lead Up To Summer!

Check cooling and overall operation
Carry out visual checks for leaks and receiver-dryer contamination
Check system pressures
Check and adjust compressor drive belt
Clean condenser
Evacuate system via Fully Automatic Bosch recovery station & recharge
Re-check performance